The Distribution Innovation team

Parcel geographical rules moved to Cargostream

AUTHOR: The Distribution Innovation team

Production date: 12.06.2024

This functionality is not entirely new. Previously, users could define minimum days to move an activation date within Di Main, under Routes > Geo rules. We've now integrated this functionality directly into the Cargostream Activation Integration, for a more streamlined user experience.

Key Points:

  • User-defined Activation Move: Users have more control by defining the minimum number of days to move the activation date.

  • Holiday and Weekend Handling: If the original activation date falls on a Sunday, holiday, or a day with adjusted operations at the station, the activation might be moved further out to ensure smooth processing. (This behavior remains unchanged)

  • Phased Rollout:

    • The new functionality is available now, allowing users to choose the new rule during activation integration creation.

    • The existing activation adjustment rules will remain active until September 1st to provide a smooth transition. We will send out a reminder for the sunset date for the older rules in a future update.

    • A warning message in the Cargostream UI will indicate if the older rules are still active for a specific station.

Action Required:

  • We encourage you to check if your stations have "Geo Adjust based on setup in DI Last Mile" enabled. If so, you can add the number of days to move the activation in the field below, and the filters to specify which parcels this should apply to.

    If you want to check the current geo rules, you will find them in Main > Routes > Geo rules.

We will remind you about the sunset date of September 1st for the older activation adjustment rules.

You can read more about this functionality and other Cargostream Integrations here:

We believe this update empowers users with greater control over activation scheduling and streamlines the activation process in Cargostream.

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